TMRE 2017

Blazing new trails in Customer Experience Innovation

Join us to find out how OnResearch and Intel Customer Support have pioneered new ways to look at Experience Design and Journey Analytics to improve Customer Experience.

Linking digital and physical interactions allows Intel to seamlessly connect how customers navigate through multiple channels (from online to offline), what they experience and how they feel at each step along the way.

Linking digital and physical customer touch points for a holistic picture of the customer journey
Breaking down organizational silos and being customer-centric

Understanding this holistic picture of the customer journey makes it easier to determine where to focus service delivery efforts, especially when faced with providing a consistent experience across different products, support channels and customer types.

The added benefit will help organizations break down internal silos and drive changes at the corporate level to become truly customer-centric.

Simply measuring customer experience is no longer enough - understanding the complete customer story can have a transformative effect on your business.

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