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Since 2001, OnResearch has been helping brands solve complex customer related business problems.

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Our mission is to identify and eliminate barriers to customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

While we are passionate about numbers, we differentiate by delivering strategic insights. We don't just show you the results, we help you understand why barriers to satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy exist. We work with you to eliminate these barriers so that your brand can exceed your customers' expectations.

Website Evaluation

In order to improve website experience you must first understand how your customers are using it. Our OnSite™ methodology collects all the relevant information needed to understand how your site is used and how it is performing for your customers. We combine our key attitudinal metrics with behavioral analytics to uncover the pain points that are undermining customer experience. Once we understand the issues, our consultants deliver solutions for overcoming these barriers and improving website experience.

Wireframe Testing

A website re-design is a perilous undertaking – one misstep can lead to disaster. OnResearch tests wireframes during the design process to ensure the re-design resonates with your customers. OnUse™ is our proprietary wireframe testing methodology which measures the form and function of the wireframe. We examine users' ability to effectively complete important website tasks and measure whether the experience is an improvement over the existing one. If there are issues with the page layout, navigational cues or look and feel, we uncover them and work with your design team to ensure they are eliminated long before your new website is launched.

SEO Optimization

Are your target customers able to use search engines to find the information they are looking for on your website? OnSearch™ is our unique approach to SEO optimization. It starts by diagnosing the under-performing entry points to your website. Once these pages are uncovered our consultants work with your website team to improve page tags, then we track the impact these changes have on website satisfaction. We then apply these learnings to ensure all key content pages are optimized so more of your target customers can find what they are looking for, the first time.

Message Testing

What if my message does not resonate with customers or even worse, hurts my brand's reputation? OnResearch reduces the uncertainty associated with pushing the envelope. Our approach to message testing provides a 360-degree evaluation of all direct customer communications. We will tell you what works, what doesn't and more importantly, how to fix it. Our consultants will deliver fast, fact-fueled insights and work with your team to overcome any barriers to breaking new ground. Most of all, your leadership team will have full-confidence that your communication has been carefully vetted.


How can I be sure that my brand's position is unique and defensible? OnResearch delves into the attitudes of current and prospective customers, and thought leaders in your sector. We put your brand personality in the context of the competitive landscape so you have a clear picture of your brand's strengths and opportunities. Our consultants use this rich data source to identify the best course of action to further improve perceptions of your brand. Finally, we work with your team to ensure that they are focused on initiatives that will make the most significant, positive impact on your brand's reputation.


How do we re-brand while ensuring we don't abandon the goodwill we've built up? OnResearch helps you understand where synergies exist between current and future brand identities locally and globally. We have worked in all major regions, from Japan to Brazil, to help clients avoid re-branding missteps. Our quantitative approach to finding reputational strengths and opportunities help set the stage for planning and execution. Our consultants work with your team to ensure that you leverage the strengths of your current brand position and seize the opportunities available during the re-branding process.

Idea Generation for B2B Marketplace

Your idea could be worth a million dollars, or is it? OnResearch specializes in helping companies test their ideas by conducting in-depth interviews (IDIs). We vet your ideas with industry experts during the early stages of ideation. Your idea could involve breaking into a new market, reaching a new customer segment or developing a new product. Our consultants will conduct a detailed SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) based on the advice of industry experts, consumer trends and competitive intelligence. We will then work with your team to make sure any impending decisions are congruent with the feedback acquired.

Understanding B2B Decision Makers

The key to winning that next contract often boils down to how well you understand the decision-makers. The process of decision making in B2B is never simple. There are usually multiple steps involving a team of influencers and decision makers. We have successfully segmented B2B decision-makers into archetypes – based on their style of decision-making. We will help you understand the archetypes relevant to your sector, as well as, the tactics best suited to each. Our research shows that B2B decision-makers are not as rational as you would think and are also influenced by emotional appeals. Finally, our consultants work with your team to ensure that your communication is optimized to maximize both its rational and emotional appeal to decision makers.

Communicating Effectively to the B2B Marketplace

A marketer's worst nightmare is a failed campaign. This is a significant concern for those in the highly competitive B2B industry. OnResearch's Message Resonance Index (MRI) helps to determine if your campaign's key messages will resonate effectively with its target B2B audience. We measure your message against competitors and compare it to our database of historical findings. Our consultants will advise you on how to refine your sales approach to ensure that your campaign is best positioned with your audience.

Here are some of our valued clients.

  1. 3M
  2. Allergan
  3. Ciena telecommunications
  4. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  5. Disney
  6. ECGA - Eastern Canteloupe Growers Association
  7. IDC - International Data Corporation
  8. KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken
  9. MacLaren McCann
  10. Micron Technology
  11. Moneris Solutions
  12. Morneau Shepell
  13. PBH - Produce for Better Health Foundation
  14. Pizza Hut
  15. Publicis
  16. La Maison Simons fashion
  17. J.R. Simplot Company
  18. Taco Bell
  19. WIND Mobile
  20. YUM Brands

A tailored approach just for you.

Your business is unique and constantly evolving. We offer flexible, customized research solutions that are continuously adapted to fit your specific business needs.

Here are just some of our areas of expertise:

  • Message testing
    Message testing
  • Website optimization
    Website optimization
  • Marketing effectiveness
    Marketing effectiveness
  • Competitive intelligence
    Competitive intelligence
  • Digital media and ad testing
    Digital media and ad testing
  • Customer satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction
  • Consumer behavior and attitude
    Consumer behavior & attitude
  • User experience testing
    User experience testing
  • Brand perceptions
    Brand perceptions
  • Brand and ad tracking
    Brand and ad tracking

We are fully equipped with a range of tools:

  • Real-time reporting portals
    Real-time reporting portals for faster business insight
  • Data visualization engine
    Cutting-edge data visualization engine
  • Text analysis
    Industry specific text analytics
  • Media testing and click tracking
    Proprietary media testing platform
  • Online focus groups
    Online focus group technology
  • Custom survey technology
    Customized surveys
  • SEO tracking engine
    SEO tracking engine
  • Online usability testing
    Online usability testing

Meet our talented staff.

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Jason Ten-Pow

Jason Ten-Pow

Principal Consultant - Digital

Gail Cowling

Gail Cowling

Principal Consultant - B2B

Lisa Yuan

Lisa Yuan

Principal Consultant - Brand

Kevin Lau

Kevin Lau

Principal Consultant – Technology Development

Roman Zubrytsky

Roman Zubrytsky

IT Security Manager

Andeea Popescu

Andreea Popescu

UX Manager

Kevin Kuk

Kevin Kuk

Qualitative Research Design Manager

Aminul Islam

Aminul Islam

Data Sciences Manager

Frank Yang

Frank Yang

Data Quality Assurance Manager

Heather Ryan

Heather Ryan

Research Analyst

Ashley Malakovski

Ashley Malakovski

Research Analyst

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